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How to Become a Foster Parent

If you’ve decided that you’ve got what it takes and you want to make a real difference by fostering a child, then first of all, good for you. Fostering requires dedication, love, self-sacrifice and hard work; and if you’ve got what it takes then that’s a truly wonderful thing. Now that you’ve decided you want to become a foster parent, let’s take a look at how you put the plan into practice.

Contact the relevant authorities

To start the ball rolling, get in touch with a fostering agency. They will be able to send you all the information you require and also will be able to help you ascertain whether or not you are a suitable foster parent. When contacting them, you can also ask any questions you may have that you haven’t been able to answer during your research

If you’re suitable…

If the fostering service deems you a potentially suitable foster parent then the next step will be to meet up with one of their members of staff (typically a social worker). This isn’t a big scary meeting, but rather an opportunity for you to ask questions and for them to establish whether you are a good fit for their organization. Obviously it’s also massively important that your home is an appropriate environment to bring a child into and as a result the social worker will want to view it.

Some training…

If you’ve been a parent before or come into contact with a lot of kids you may be wondering what training is necessary. Foster children quite often have quite diverse and specific needs and can also be fairly difficult to deal with. The foster service will send you on a foster care training course to help you learn about how to deal with those needs.


If you’re still interested after the previous steps then the next stage will be for you to undergo an assessment to make sure that you are totally fit to foster. This review can be quite extensive, and it may assess many facets of your life. Your relationships, parental skills, home life among other things will most likely be examined as it’s obviously absolutely imperative that the foster service ensure that you are up to the job – the prospective foster child’s well being depends on it.

Final decision

After the review (which can take some time) has been completed a final decision will then be made regarding the suitability of you as a foster parent or couple. The findings of your assessment will be brought before a panel who will decide whether or not they deem you to be a successful foster parent. If you are, then you’re all good to go and the foster service will get busy trying to match a child to you!

If still you have any doubts you can refer to fostering FAQs. Also you can visit the website to know more about fostering.

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