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Lil’ Bits Kids T-Shirts, School Supplies and Pillows

Have you seen Lil’ Bits Kids colorful collection of T-Shirts, Pillows, Notebooks and more?

Lil’ Bits Kids Collection is a multi-cultural series for all children; designed with black children in mind as our goal is to celebrate black culture and promote positive self-image among children of color.

Lil’ Bits Kids Accessories and Home Decor line currently includes pillows and bags with more selections coming soon.

Lil’ Bits Kids novelty notebooks and sketchbooks are perfect for school supplies, art supplies or gifts for your young writers and artists.

Lil’ Bits Kids is one of the featured “Black is Beautiful” brands on BRITE Colours.

Always let your children know they are BRITE Colours
Brilliant. Radiant. Intelligent. Talented. Exceptional.

About the Artist
BRITE Colours Creator and Lil’ Bits Kids Designer LaShanda Henry (@sistasense) is the proud owner of a North Carolina Based, Black Owned Business.

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