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Mom’s Mobile Essentials: The Magicstick Keeps Your Devices Charged On the Go!


As a busy mompreneur I always have somewhere to be and at least ten things to do. Most days my mobile devices are running practically 24/7, which means running out of power is not an option, so when an outlet or car charger is nowhere to be found, portable power becomes essential.

Mobile devices always seem to die at the moment you need them the most. If you agree, take a look at the Powerocks Magicstick, a line of stylish and compact portable chargers for a variety of mobile devices. This lightweight mobile charger is perfect for work, vacation, and every day on-the-go activities.

As soon as I unboxed the Magicstick I hit the little power button on the top. I like that it easily indicates (green) to let you know it has sufficient power and (red) indicating its time to recharge. My Magicstick was charged, so I immediately plugged it into my iPhone to begin the charging process. It can provide you with up to two full charges before needing to be recharged, which provides you with a nice amount of back up power in between charges.

Overall it’s durable, easy to use and comes in an assortment of colors to best express your personality and style. Visit PoweRocksUSA to learn more about the Magicstick or order yours today.

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